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SHOE22 Harris Printers

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Divine wales-in-union
ace-taxis The Welsh A & C Interiors
Bahia Bakerboy
Bakerboyz Cafe Beach Locker Koko
Seaside Salon  carpet-care Flair
The Closet C Magness Crazy Humbug
Flow essence-hair Fancies Flowers
Face Factor fireplace-centre Nails
New Foundations Fone-Xcellence foxs
Helens Barber Shop home-colonial Pet Shop
P & M janes The Paint-Shop
dh-edwards-son mint janz-art
Rascals new-look olivias
Rock Inn isabellas maple
pms-surf price-carver prince-of-wales
izzit finegans rogers-cantonese
ross-computing royal-oak rsvp-greetings
sd-wood-flooring Simply Sunning shireen
shoecare cheeky-chillies sidolis
soapys stationery-hill station-hill-garage
stokes supervalue sussed
cantonese-takeaway w walters
waves webbers-carpets welsh-deli
aj-gutteridge ac-hair bon-marche

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